About us

Changing analytics

In 2016 we set out to build the absolute best analytics tool for internet marketers. In 2019 we came out with an opinionated tool that focuses solely on conversion optimization.

Online support

A career opportunity

No offices, no bosses, no working hours, no meetings.

Volument is a scattered group of designers, entrepreneurs, and engineers working like nobody else. Want to work here?

Note for investors. We are not looking for money but are always open to good ideas.

Thanks to

Volument would not exist without the work of these fine people.

  • Andrew Chen for the growth essays
  • Andy Rachleff for the product/market fit concept
  • Chartbeat for the eye-tracking studies around engaged time
  • Jared M. Spool for pointing out issues in current analytics
  • Jim Novo for the importance of recency in market demand
  • Nielsen Norman Group for all the UX research
  • Paul Graham for the slogan “Make something people want.“
  • Salvatore Sanfilippo for the right programming attitude
  • Seth Godin for the basics of modern marketing
  • Steve Blank for customer-driven development
  • Finland for the free, high quality education
  • Berlin for the unique spirit

Also, thank you for reading this stuff.