Built with purpose

Internet is suffering from privacy issues, clutter, and bad usability choices. We're building insight-led analytics to help startups and content teams create more engaging content and better user experiences. We're funded and ready to take on Google.

Things we like

  • Simple working things
  • Gorgeous design
  • Beautiful data
  • Naive thinking
  • Plain language
  • Stuff that matters

Meh stuff

  • Information overload
  • Marketing jargon
  • Overthinking
  • Clutter
  • Scrum
  • Ping-pong tables

Work for us?

We're looking for designers, developers, writers, data nerds, and other awesome people to build analytics for a better Internet. Please drop Tero a line.

Only epic counts

Meet the team

Tina Nayak / Avatar

Tina Nayak


Hi, I'm the Chief-Execution-Officer, primarily responsible for Voluments’ growth. I believe that when a product is built with the user at heart growth follows. I'm excited about Voluments’ vision to save the internet from data overload, by telling insightful stories that create meaningful impact without invading anyones’ privacy.

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Tero Piirainen / Avatar

Tero Piirainen


I’m somewhat famous for creating jQuery Tools and Riot.js open source libraries, but some know me from co-founding Flowplayer and Muut. Right now my mind is occupied with web analytics and disc golf.

Tero's story: Why website analytics must change

Lauri Heiskanen / Avatar

Lauri Heiskanen


My background is as an independent software developer, and I have deep experience in getting software done, including design, implementation, testing, automation, and project management. I love building large volume, distributed, high-performance systems, which is why Volument is a dream project.

Jussi Vento / Avatar

Jussi Vento


I'm Jussi, the narrative guy. I've had a beef with Google Analytics since 2012 as marketer, UX designer and web developer. When I'm offline I play modular synths.

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Eduek Akpan-Nyah / Avatar

Eduek Akpan-Nyah

Frontend developer

I'm a frontend engineer and a product design enthusiast. I'm motivated by intuitive user experiences and this is why Volument is a dream project..

Our advisors

Mari Luukkainen / Avatar

Mari Luukkainen


Mari is a growth nerd who loved the pre-attribution marketing of Altavista and Apache analytics in late 90s and can't wait to see its’ comeback. Retrofuture now!

Lasse Lehtinen / Avatar

Lasse Lehtinen


I'm a General Partner at Icebreaker.vc. When I heard that there is a team on a mission to save the Internet and liberate the world from cookie banners, I asked: Where do I sign?

Volument Inc.

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