We're redoing analytics.

A gentle place to work

If you know JavaScript or you're a good writer, please just reach us! Our culture is nice: odd working hours, weird social habits — even lazyness is cool. We work on a problem that matters. We're funded.


JavaScript generalist

To work on our frontend and backend.

  1. You embrace minimalism
  2. You love JavaScript (not hate it)
  3. You like CSS (not hate it)
  4. There's code to look at


Technical writer

To write good stories about our product

  1. You're a great storyteller
  2. You know you can help us
  3. There's a blog to look at
  4. And the blog looks good :)

Core team

Tero Piirainen: CEO tero@
Lauri Heiskanen: Backend lauri@
Lari Hotari: Infrastructure lari@
Jukka Santala: Sales jukka@

Volument Inc.

Kolmas linja 21 D 65

00530 Helsinki



  • Andrew Chen for great essays
  • Chartbeat for eye-tracking studies
  • Jared M. Spool for criticism on analytics
  • Nielsen Norman Group for the UX research
  • Paul Graham for general startup advice
  • Salvatore Sanfilippo for the right attitude
  • Seth Godin for the marketing wisdom
  • Finland for the functional society
  • Berlin for the unique spirit
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