Some ad-blockers have taken the stance that they want to block every tracking script regardless of whether they are good (privacy-friendly) or not.

If you are using nginx, here's how you can prevent ad-blockers from blocking the requests:

# load volument.js locally (with non-tracking related filename)
location = /js/visits.js {

  # use volument-full.js for the banner version
  proxy_set_header Host;

  # Performance improvement: cache the script for two hours
  proxy_cache jscache;
  proxy_cache_valid 200 2h;
  proxy_cache_use_stale updating error timeout invalid_header http_500;

# forward tracking events to volument edge servers
location ~/visits/([123])(/.*)? {
  # google
  proxy_pass https://$$2$is_args$args;

Then update HTML embed code on your website:

<script async src="/js/visits.js"></script>

  window.volument_opts = { token: 'YOUR_TOKEN', api: '/visits/%' }


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