Volument is all about insights. When we detect changes in your website traffic or see that something works exceptionally well or needs improving, our engine automatically creates an insight and sends it into your feed. An insight shows you what happened and the impact on our key metrics.

The Insight view is like a social meed feed filled with a collection of insights sorted by time. You can use filters on the left sidebar to sort your insights.

Currently, there are two categories of insights:

  1. Things that work and
  2. Needs improvement

The current set of insights includes traffic trends, first impression, and content engagement. We are constantly working on delivering more insight types.

You can click on a single insight for more details.


To separate data-informed decisions from random fluctuation, we show you how confident and statistically significant the insights are. In other words, you can see what sample size Volument uses to create a specific insight.


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