Volument has unique metrics that help you understand how visitors engage with your content before taking action.

You can click the metrics in the user interface, and the dimension data will update accordingly.


The number of visits from both new and returning visitors.

Stay rate (3s)

The ratio of visitors who spent time on the site for more than three seconds. We use this metric to understand first impressions when people visit your website for the first time. If visitors leave your site or a certain page in three seconds, that signals a poor first impression. Learn more about measuring first impressions.

Engage rate (15s)

Visitors are engaged if they interact or spend 15 seconds or more with your content. The 15-second rule is a critical threshold for deciding if a visitor eventually converts.

Action rate

The ratio of visitors who took any action within a single session. Actions are events such as:

  • A visitor watches a video
  • A visitor clicks a button button
  • A visitor navigates to a specific area on your website

Volument can track actions automatically. Learn more about automatic event tracking.

Conversion rate

The ratio of visitors who converted within a single session.

Learn more about how to track custom events and conversions.


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