Frequently asked questions


General FAQ

What is insight-led analytics?

Instead of providing data for the sake of data, Volument gives you practical insights on what works and what you should do next. These insights are based on how your content resonates with your audience.

Why focus on content?

Because content is “actionable.“ It's easier to edit and optimize content than to change your market. And actionable insights are the holy grail of analytics.

How is this different from Google Analytics?

Our focus is on content, insights, and privacy.

How is this different from Mixpanel?

Heap, Mixpanel, and Amplitude focus on delivering trends and retention graphs from the metrics you choose to measure. Volument delivers insights, we might say for example: “Write more about Technology and less about Design”.

How is this different from Plausible?

Plausible, Fathom, and Simple Analytics are privacy-friendly web analytics services, exactly like Volument. Instead of focusing on engagement and insights, they focus on simple traffic statistics.

How is this different from SEO tools?

Products like Semrush and Ahrefs are website crawlers, and they study the content itself, not how visitors interact with it.

Can I use this together with GA?

Yes. You can use Volument side-by-side with GA or any other analytics tool.

Can I use Volument standalone?

Yes. Volument comes with all the usual stuff you'd expect from website analytics software.

How large is the script?

Around 4.9 kb minified. GA4 is 49 kb in comparison.

Can I use this in single-page apps?

Yes. Volument works perfectly with Next.js, Nuxt, Vite, Vuepress, and Gatsby.

Metrics FAQ

Is this just hyped AI magic?

Not at all. Volument creates insights based on how your visitors interact with the content. This raw behavioral data is already valuable without extra magic.

Isn't conversion rate the best metric?

Nope. It's valid for overall content performance, but it doesn't work for individual pages. For example, your “Contact us” page could have a high conversion rate, but do you think it's the best content piece you've ever written?

How about bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the ratio of single-page visits. It's a poor content metric because it doesn't tell whether your visitors like or dislike your content. According to Jared Spool, it's an effective agenda amplifier: “you can interpret bounce rate to support any argument you want.“

How about time-on-page?

Not a very useful metric. The lack of a boolean feature makes time-on-page a lousy metric for decision-making; at which point in time does a content piece become good? Also, you can't trust this metric in GA because the time is unknown when a user visits only one page, especially if most visits are single-page visits.

How about “engaged sessions”?

This is the best metric in GA (4.0) telling whether a page is good at engaging visitors. But there are issues: the time component on this metric is not reliable due to how GA measures time (see above). Also, this metric is not emphasized in any way. It's just another data-point in the massive ecosystem where data overload is the standard.

Privacy FAQ

Is Volument privacy-friendly?

Yes. Data tracking is anonymous.

Do I need the GDPR banner?

No. We don't track identities.

Yes. Every analytics needs a banner, with or without cookies.

Even anonymous analytics?

Some privacy-friendly services like Plausible, Simple Analytics, and Fathom say that you don't need the banner. Not true: every analytics needs a banner

But why doesn't use the banner?

They do it wrong. We explain the dilemma here: privacy is the future

Can I use Volument without the banner?

Yes. You we have a banner-free version, but it carries a legal risk.

But I absolutely hate the banner!

Understandable. The GDPR banner is terrible. But that doesn't mean tracking visitors without their permission is good. You gain trust by asking permission in a subtle and elegant way.

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