Audience details

Know your market segments in more detail: how many people, where they came from, and where they landed.

Audience details / The details for the baseline audience — the default segment to comparea against
Campaign details / Campaigns typically have very few source domains and a single landing page
Page details / Audience details for a recently launched blog entry

The core purpose of Volument is to measure how engaging your pages are and how much traction your visitors generate, and offer an easy way to optimize for maximum engagement and traction.

What is lacking from this core function is a more detailed audience data: how many people, where they come from, and which landing pages they enter. Something you commonly see in general tools like Google Analytics, but applied to all the marketing segments.

However, maybe the biggest reason for this feature is to further diminish the need for multiple analytics tools and have all the conversion optimization stuff under one tool. Much simpler that way.

  • Separate (fullscreen) views for segment- and page comparisons
  • Traffic trends for visitor-, and return visitor volume
  • List of referring sites, and landing pages