Forever-free plan

Free A/B testing and conversion optimization for websites.

The forever-free plan lets you track up to 100k monthly pageviews for free. As long as you stay withing this limit you never need to pay for conversion optimization. All the basic features are included:

Features supported on the free option

This many pageviews covers 99% of all the websites.

Limited access

This free traffic is definitely not free for us, so we are limiting access as follows:

  1. Open source projects or non-profit organizations can get it by contacting us. Please share us your website URL.
  2. You can get instant access by .

Volument badge

The free plan requires that you to add a small Volument badge on your site as follows:

Volument badge / Required on the free plan

As long as you have the badge in place we won't charge you anything.

  • A new embed code with the badge functionality
  • Alerting system for badly inserted badges
  • Rate limiting and alerting
  • An ability to disregard bad embeds