Be automatically notified when something important happens.

Slack notification / A sudden drop on stay rate
Gmail notification / Marketing campaign results
Front email notification / Home page A/B test results


With this feature you'll be automatically notified about following:

  • Problems — when any of the conversion metrics go suddenly down.
  • Congratulations — when something unexpectedly good happens.
  • Campaign results — when your marketing campaigns reach statistical significance.
  • Optimization results — when your page- and site optimization attempts reach statistical significance.

Notification endpoints

Following channels are initially supported:

  1. Slack — for displaying events to desired Slack channels. You can configure the event types and channels from app-wide settings.
  2. Email — for receiving personal, HTML formatted notifications
  3. Webhooks — for reacting to events programmatically. You can, for example, notify people of your internal management systems.


This feature can set you free from constant analytics checks. You only view data when you absolutely need to do it. And when nothing happens, you can relax knowing that things are working as planned. You save time and have fewer things to worry about.

  • At most once delivery per notification
  • Error handling and retries
  • UI for configuring the various channels
  • Scheduled digest: the summary of everything
  • HTML email rendering for segments
  • HTML email rendering for pages
  • Personal scheduling


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