Volument public roadmap

Not just another roadmap

Volument uses a vastly different software development model than any other commercial project:

  1. Everything is wide open. We share everything we've done and what we are going to build. We fear no competition: all the upcoming features are documented.
  2. You can vote what we build next. After finishing the current item, we always pick the most voted item from the top of voting list. No exceptions.
  3. Everyone can suggest new features. All accepted suggestions are added to the voting list.

Think of Volument as your custom infrastructure for conversion optimization. It's just an order of magnitude cheaper than the myriad of existing tools and in-house systems.

Voting features

Everyone can give a single upvote for each feature. However, you can get more votes by to Volument. For example, if you invite three friends you have three votes available.

These power-voters have more impact on the product roadmap. Volument staff is no different: we use the same system to decide what we build next.

Moreover, the ones with five friends are rewarded with a forever-free plan.

Suggesting new features

We save all feature suggestions and check if they are valid. Here's how a feature gets accepted or rejected:

  1. Duplicates are rejected or merged to an existing feature. Either fully or some parts of it.
  2. The feature must be highly relevant for conversion optimization or it must extend the product core in a powerful way.

Example rejection

Heatmaps is a good way to see which areas of a webpage receive clicks or taps. However, this feature will be rejected:

  • It's not obvious how these clicks relate to conversions
  • No way to measure engagement: what is good behavior? What is bad?
  • No way A/B test and choose winners between variants.

We reject surveys, and recordings for the same reasons.


How do you maintain product vision?

One commonly expressed risk with a public roadmaps is that the product vision is lost. We think the opposite: a public roadmap is actually a powerful way to sharpen the vision:

  1. First. By communicating openly what we do, and what we don't do people understand more clearly what the product is and where it is heading to.
  2. Second By letting everyone be part of the decision process we ensure that we are building something people want.

What about your competitors?

Our competitors are fundamentally different: they do general analytics and Volument does conversion optimization.

If they want to implement any of the features on our roadmap, they must switch to a different data model and essentially start from scratch.

And it's not really the features that matter, it's the execution: we've been perfecting our technology for years so it's extremely hard to catch up.

Do you still have a private roadmap?

Nope. This roadmap is the only system we use for product planning.

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