Shareable views

Offer controlled access to your market segments and page engagement data.

Sharing options / Define how the view is shared
Link on Slack / Shared view with auto-expanding image and metadata
Shared view / Comparing two pages
Shared view / Comparing two segments

Many people want to know about your conversion data:

  1. Affiliates and partners: how much they have brought to the table?
  2. Investors: are you making traction or not?
  3. Team members: share your campaigns and A/B tests
  4. Social media: to brag about your achievements.

How it works

This feature offers controlled access to segment- and page comparison views. You can define whether the view is public or whether it can be accessed by selected people. Public views have an optional time-to-live option, which specifies how long the data is publicly available.

  • Rendering of the public links
  • Grant public access for a specific time only
  • Rendering of individual market segments
  • Rendering of individual pages
  • Managing users with restricted access
  • Navigating pages the user has access to