How insight-led analytics works

Volument takes your website traffic, studies how your visitors behave, and tells you how to get those visitors more engaged.

For more detailed intro: Volument technical details

Know how your content performs

Instead of a manually defined funnel, we measure the actual visitor behavior and show how your website content resonates with your audience.

We also give you benchmark data and reveal how your site engagement compares against other sites.

Know what works for you

The point of web analytics is to help with decision-making.

We take this seriously and literally: Volument tells you how to make the biggest impact with the smallest effort.

Know what to do next

Volument gives practical advice on how to get your site visitors more engaged. We dislike nonsense jargon, so we deliver all our insights and to-do tips in simple, plain language.

Complex concepts, such as retention and attribution, are a thing of the past.

Bonus: full-blown website analytics

At its core, Volument is a full-blown website analytics service. You get all the usual stuff such as pages, referrals, countries, and channels. Use it standalone or side-by-side with Google Analytics

Experimentation platform

Volument is a content experimentation platform: a simpler and faster way to optimize your website than traditional A/B testing. Use tags to mark your pages and see what resonates with your audience.


Volument is privacy-friendly, so you don't need to hide your brand and content with a full-screen GDPR overlay. A better first impression improves your engagement and conversion metrics.

Free for most sites

The service is free for sites with less than 10,000 monthly pageviews. This generous limit gives the vast majority of websites the possibility to use Volument free forever without any catches.

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