Volument Data Policy

Volument tracks the usage of a website without collecting personally identifiable information (PII). It respects the privacy of your visitors.

What we collect and what we use it for

Volument focuses on masses, not individuals. We only collect data that is needed for conversion optimization. Here's what we store from your visitors and why:

  1. Path name of the current location such as /about/. We use this to show you the product side of things and how the different areas and pages are consumed.
  2. Referring site where the visitor came from such as “google.com.“. We use this to show you the market side of things and how the various audiences generate traction.
  3. Campaign indicator — this is a query string parameter such as c1. No other query strings are collected. We use this to measure how your marketing campaigns perform.
  4. Time on page – the number of seconds a visitor actively spends on a page, and it's viewports. We use this to understand how the content is consumed.
  5. Conversion events — the event type and timestamp when the visitors take action and convert to leads, customers, or promoters. We use these events to understand the outcomes at the end of the conversion funnel.

Disregarded data

Volument does not collect or store any sensitive information. It's impossible forus to slurp any critical data to third parties. We disregard following:

  1. Location, language, computer details, or IP number
  2. Personal data such as email, name, credit card, or phone number
  3. Login information like passwords

Use of local storage

To understand retention and the long-term behavior of your visitors, Volument stores following information to your visitors’ localStorage:

  1. The timestamp of the first and last visit
  2. The total amount of visits
  3. Initial referring site
  4. The pathname of the initial landing page
  5. Initial campaign indicator from the query string

This information is purely behavioral. No personal data or random identifiers are stored. This data is stored in JSON format. The variable name is %v.

Use of session storage

Volument uses a single random identifier on your visitors’ sessionStorage to understand which pages are visited within a single visit. This identifier is genuinely random and is not based on user-agent, IP address, or anything sensitive. The visitor cannot be identifieed by this temporary id. The variable name is %s.

Data ownership

The users of Volument have full ownership of their traffic data. We never share or sell this data to third parties. In the future, you have full access to your website data from S3, Glazier, Backblaze, or similar.

GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliance

We don't know at the moment how our data policy complies with the various privacy laws. We're working with European lawyers to get an accurate picture of what consents are needed, if any.

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