The difference

Google Analytics vs. Volument

Comparing the purpose and how they collect and model data.


Google Analytics

General analytics

Google Analytics is a general analytics platform. Use it to get versatile insights about your pages, visitors, sessions, and custom events.

The entire dashboard is focused on how many people come to your site, how many pages they view when they get there and how.

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Conversion optimization

Volument is opinionated, single-purpose analytics. Use it to generate more interest, desire, and traction on your website.

Data tracking

Google Analytics

Pageviews and custom events

All visitor activity, except custom events, are automatically tracked.

// Track a video play event
ga('send', {
  hitType: 'event',
  eventCategory: 'Video',
  eventAction: 'play',
  eventLabel: 'cats.mp4'


Visitor activity

All visitor activity, except conversions, are automatically tracked.

// customer conversion event
Volument is useless for anything else than conversion optimization.

Data model

Google Analytics


Google Analytics data model is a rich, SQL based table structure.

A versatile database schema to see all the details what's happening
With all the 112 different views and 155 cross-dimensions, you have all the ways to see what's happening.



Volument’s data model consists of segments and pages with a hard-coded set of properties. Each record follows a similar structure.

Rigid schema designed solely for conversion optimization

Client size

Google Analytics

43 KB


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