Conversion optimization

Site optimization

Optimizing your site to generate more traction.

1. Find your bottleneck

In site optimization you start from the current site version and look for general, site-wide concerns:

  • Low 3s stay rate? Too many (tracking) scripts to slow down the page load? Complex layout? Selling too early? Content covered with a big overlay?
  • Low 15s stay rate? Is the product hard to understand? Do they understand the benefit?
  • Low time engaged? Boring content? Complex header or footer? Hard to navigate?
  • Low retention? The content might be interesting, but not something worth a new visit? No re-engagement emails are sent for the newly registered users?
  • Low conversion rates? In most cases, the problem is on the above layers on the funnel: ie. the product is not something people want. However, if you see high return rates, this problem should be easy to fix: the call to actions can be broken, not clearly visible, or simply missing.

2. Publish a new version

You can use Volument measure the impact of following:

  1. Global design changes
  2. Brand refreshes
  3. Global content updates
  4. New ways to navigate
  5. Changes on visitor onboarding
  6. New product launches
  7. New call-to-actions
  8. Changes in pricing

Once you've made your change you can tell Volument about it. Click the Optimization > Site optimization > +New site version link and enter the following information:

Supplying a new site version to Volument

Volument can measure the impact of any change: be it small, or large. Large changes are critical for startups, who must make big shifts or “pivots” to survive. It's good to make all sorts of experiments for future reference.

3. View results

Once you've saved your new version to Volument, you'll start getting results. The speed of the results depends on the type of A/B test:

  1. New A/B test. If the new version was pushed very recently, you must wait for enough visitors to appear. This usually takes 2-4 days, depending on the amount of traffic you have.
  2. Retroactive A/B test. Tell Volument about your change at a later time. In this case, you can get the results immediately in case there are enough samples.

Command + Click any of the earlier versions to see whether the new version was any better.

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