User privacy

Data we track

Volument tracks following:

  1. Active time – the number of seconds a visitor actively spends on a page, and it's viewports
  2. Audience indicator — this is a query string parameter such as m1
  3. Path name of the current location such as /about/.
  4. Referring site where the visitor came from such as ““
  5. Conversion events — the event type and timestamp when visitors responds to site's call to actions
  6. Unique ID of the person on the hosting site.

The only data that can be considered sensitive is a persons unique id on the hosting site. We use this id for connecting people to their different devices and for measuring the viral coefficient.

This id can be any value as long as it's unique.

Data we don't track

Volument does not track the following:

  1. Location, language, computer details, or IP number
  2. Email, name, credit card, or phone number
  3. Passwords

Volument cannot leak sensitive information, because there is no such information stored on our databases. For example, we cannot slurp people's passwords to third parties, like MixPanel did. *

Learn Volument

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