Product Data Policy

Product Data Policy

Last updated: January 1, 2023


Volument is insight-led web analytics software that puts privacy first. We aim to make web analytics more accessible and data beautiful using privacy-friendly practices.

This product data policy guide provides information about our web analytics software (our “product” or “software”) and provides important information about:

How our software works

What information it collects and why

Where this information is stored, and

Our software and your legal compliance obligations

This Policy does not cover visiting or navigating the Volument website (, “our website”). Please read our Privacy Notice. This Policy does not cover use of our web analytics software (our “product” or “software”). Please read our User Privacy Notice. This policy does not cover information on any technologies used to collect or store information on your device. Please read our Uncookie Policy


Volument is a web analytics that doesn’t collect or store personal data.

We don’t care about identities, and we only study mass behavior.

Unlike some privacy-friendly solutions, we don’t have any beef with ad blockers or other technologies to enhance privacy.

We don’t track or collect personal data from users in the EU without their consent.

We don’t collect, store, or process personally identifiable information.

What data we collect and why

Volument collects anonymous information from a website visitor’s device as follows.

Basic data

Basic data is non-personal information about how a visitor accesses a page; namely the type of device, operating system, and browser they use, their device’s touch capabilities, the locations of pages they visit (page path), and how they reach these pages (referring domain).


Page path "/about” extracted from
Referring domain
Browser Chrome 88.2
Operating system "linux"
Touch device boolean
Screen size 1440 x 900

How and why

We use basic data to organize other data into different buckets or “dimensions.“

A dimension is a collection of related objects.

Location Data

Location data is information about the unique geographical position of a particular device.


Continent eu
Country fi

How and why

We collect continent and country data to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

We use a separate endpoint service to map continent and country data from Internet-Protocol addresses (IP addresses).

Content Metadata

Content metadata is stored descriptions or attributes about online content such as webpages, images, product listings, videos, and audio clips.


Subject "technology"
Content type "article"
Target market "developers"
Long-form content boolean

How and why

We collect content metadata from the pages visitors view. This includes the metadata about the content that is found on the pages in <meta> tags as well as related information, including for example whether the content on a page is long-form (defined as 1000 words or more).

While the long-form/short-form information is automatically detected, the automated process does not involve collection of any personal data.

Engagement data

Engagement data provides information about visitor interaction with website content, for example, we measure the number of seconds a visitor actively engages with the content to approximate their level of interest in the content.


Stayed 3s boolean
Stayed 15s boolean

How and why

Engagement data helps us understand what content works and what scares people away.

Session Data

By session we mean a visit to the website from the point of arrival, when a visitor lands on a page of our website, to the point of departure, when a visitor leaves the website or closes their browser.

Session id "rssmrjbjzV;"
Session start 1661323810
Pageview 3

How we use this information and why

We collect session data to understand how visitors use our website and to identify what works and what does not work for them.

We store and track information about sessions, organized by session ids.

Session ids are unique random strings generated for each visit that bind together activity (all events) that takes place in a single session.

We store session data, including session ids, on a visitor’s device, to sessionStorage, which is also a memory space located on the visitor’s device, like localStorage.

Session data is not included when we aggregate data.

Visit Data

Visit Data counts how many times a visitor accesses a website site.


Visit index number 2

How and why

We collect visit index numbers to understand whether a visitor is new or returning to the site.

The index number is pseudonymized and counts the number of visits, only.

Visit data is stored on the visitor’s device with location data, in localStorage.

Tracking Actions and conversions

An action is a pre-defined event that happens on a website that can be tracked to learn more about what causes it to occur, for example watching a video or signing up for a service.


watched-video 3
turned-to-lead 5

How and why

We collect actions to learn about what people like and what scares them away.

We ensure that only the name of a conversion can be specified, and that no value can be attached.

We have designed our web analytics software to collect anonymous data only so that it can enable full compliance with a wide array of current and future privacy and data protection laws. We have designed our software with a number of privacy and data protection regulations in mind, including European, American, and British privacy and data protection laws and regulations. However, our intentions cannot guarantee your compliance. Your compliance is up to you.

When you use our software, we are one of your third-party processors. We take no responsibility for your compliance or lack thereof. We are not responsible for how you set up or use our software. You use any of our features, including our cookie banner, at your own risk and as a part of your own compliance strategy.

Complying with relevant laws and regulations that govern your website is ultimately your obligation, and not ours.

Please seek professional advice on how to use Volument to stay in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Updates to this Notice

As we improve our product and services, we may need to change our website and any policies, notices, terms, or conditions published, linked, or referenced herein, from time to time.

We encourage you to review this page and linked documents frequently to stay informed about our policies and practices. Updates become effective as soon as they are published and are noticed in our Change Log below.

While we will do our best to provide clear and timely updates, it's up to you to read, understand, and keep current with our notices and policies. If you continue to use our website, products, and services, we’ll assume that you are okay with any changes.

This policy is incorporated by reference into our Privacy Notice. Please refer to our Privacy Notice for further context and information regarding the information provided on this page.

Change Log

March 8, 2021 • First version

September 21, 2022 • Updates to information on tracked data

October 8, 2022 • Second version

January 1, 2023 • Third version

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