The future of Volument

We launch in November 20. Beta is available now.

Available in beta

Product core

Features: Site optimization, area optimization, page optimization, market-discovery, bottlenecks, user acquisition campaigns, target marketing, idea validation, and cross-project comparisons.

January 2021

Annotations, variants, and paid traffic

Acquisition trend with annotated milestones

Annotations — Annotated site- and page versions.

Variants — A way to split audiences in two on the frontend

Paid traffic — Automatic detection of paid human traffic.

March 2021


Volument Slack notification

Get notifed by Email, Slack, or Webhooks when something important is happening, such as:

  1. Sudden changes in the key metrics,
  2. Campaign results are available,
  3. A/B test reaches statistical significance, or
  4. Some metric reaches an user-defined treshold.

May 2021

Real-time data

Real time view of the bounce rate

This feature lets you monitor A/B tests in real-time. This allows more radical experimentation since the new version might potentially be in place for just a few minutes and no significant harm was done.

In 2021

Data access

Ability to access all the historical traffic data from S3, Backblaze, or similar.

Forever-lasting campaigns

Make campaign data last forever so they act as historical snapshots of how traction was generated.

Conversion attempts

A leading indicator between desire and action to signal the willingness to convert. Shown with semi-transparent pink.

Browsers and devices

An ability to compare engagement and traction by browser, device type, and operating system.

Qualified segments

Separate analysis for loyal- and converted visitors to see beyond the initial engagement.

Email campaigns

View re-engagement details from visitors that came back from an email link.


An ability to switch between light and dark background and a custom brand color for the header.

Global dashboard

A global view for all the managed websites: their differences, bottlenecks, and oddities.


Auto-detection of YouTube channels, Instagram profiles, Twitter users, and other social media influencers.

Master progress

The single master trend for business traction or the “north-star metric”, to see where the business is heading.

Not decided

Bounce details

More details on how people bounce. What device they use and whether the page acts as a landing- or inner page.

Viewport consumption

A colorful visualization of the viewport usage: how people leave, stay and convert.

Leading indicators

See the details on how much engagement and return visits are needed before visitors start taking action.

Customer lifetime value

See the customer acquisition cost and the customer lifetime value on your marketing campaigns.

Desktop application

A more responsive version of the user interface with native menus, and better keyboard support.

Wide screens

Support for A/B/C/D testing and an additional panel for settings, help, and more.

Hacker News integration

A special gem we are working on. More details to come.

Roadmap FAQ

How do you decide on a feature?

The feature must be a natural fit to the product and offer clear value for conversion optimization.

What features are rejected?

We won't implement heatmaps, session recordings, form funnels, surveys, click flows, or the user-defined event funnels because they contribute to information overload. We only implement features that offer direct help to conversion optimization.

Why is your roadmap public?

By collecting feedback for our vision we ensure that we are building something people want.

What about your competitors?

Our competitors do general analytics and Volument does conversion optimization. The way we collect, model, and visualize data is fundamentally different. If our competitors want to grab something from this roadmap they have to start from scratch.

Do you have a private roadmap?

No. We don't have Trello or any other ticketing system. We use this page for product planning.

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