Upcoming features

These two features are keeping us busy right now:

1. Automation

We think automation is the future of analytics. It's really our job to do the analysis, and not yours. When Volument is silent: you can be sure that things are running smoothly. And when you receive a notification, it's definitely something worth taking a closer look at.

In the next version of Volument you'll be notified as follows:

  1. Anomalities: be notified about sudden traffic spikes, drops in performance, new referring domains, or improved position in Google search results.
  2. Automated campaign results: be notified when some of your landing pages suddenly get viral. Compare the results with earlier spikes or campaigns in an apples-to-apples fashion.
  3. Monthly summaries: get monthly summary reports about your traffic statistics and website performance metrics. How they differ from the earlier period. What are the bottlenecks and the top performers?

2. Storytelling

Volument is analytics for human beings. Even marketing professionals and data scientists can get more out of a simple tool that is easy to use. One of our focus points is “storytelling”, which means that all business data has a story to tell. For example:

You can add your events and milestones and annotate the automatically detected events. As the years go by you have your whole story in Volument which you can (literally) read like a book.

Automation and storytelling are currently our main focus areas but of course, there are other things on the pipeline such as importers, exporters, API, and constant user experience improvements.

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