The new Volument

Release notes for this major release

A new interface

The new interface gives you everything you'll ever need from web analytics:

  1. Traffic stats: this is your entire history on a single page: how many visitors, where they come from, and where they land.
  2. Optimization: instead of traffic, optimization is about performance and how first-time visitors build awareness and interest.
  3. Results: this is how your conversion funnel performs and how much traction is generated.

Traffic statistics are analytics as we all know it and are part of the Basic plan. The more advanced optimization and results areas are part of the Pro plan.

Launch the new demo

A new history timeline

There's a new history timeline on the top part of the interface. It's your entire history split into browseable periods: months, quarters, and 30-day intervals. You can always see your data in context and how it compares with the earlier period.

This timeline is a central part of the product and we'll be developing it hard in the future. Eventually, you can read it like a book with all the key events, anomalies, milestones, and campaigns on it. Every startup has a different story to tell.

Some missing pieces

This version comes with some highly requested pieces, namely:

  1. Pages
  2. Referring domains
  3. Integrated help system

That's it. Hope you enjoy the new version. Check out the upcoming fetures as well. Our vision is to become the best website analytics in the world.

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