UI designer wanted

Volument is a new privacy-friendly web analytics platform. We're looking for a UI designer to create the ultimate analytics UI and help us save the Internet.

Your job is to design product UI components with Figma and set the basis for our design system.

This is a dream opportunity for any designer who wants to think big. Our ultimate goal is to create a new standard for how analytics dashboards should look and feel.

Stuff you'll be working on

You'll be employee number five in a venture-backed startup full of energy. The job is fully remote, but you're always welcome to our urban office space in Helsinki, Finland.

For us, the quality of work is more important than tight deadlines. We don't want to hurry because it's genuinely fulfilling to work on something that matters.

We value everyone's work and try to keep a stress-free work environment, and we won't interrupt you with excessive meetings, random emails, or unproductive Zoom calls.

Join us and help us disrupt the analytics industry.

We're kind and passionate people who love great design and minimalism.

We promise you'll enjoy working with us, and this is going to be a gem on your CV.

To apply, send us a message and tell us about you. We'd also love to see some design examples.

Jussi Vento / Avatar

Jussi Vento

Co-Founder & Marketer


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