Why free?

Volument will always have a free option without any hidden agenda.

Startups shouldn’t pay for web analytics

We’re a startup, so we know the pain and joy of building your dream product.

Before you can start growing your company, you need to validate your idea and find product/market fit. Web analytics can help you do that.

We’ve built our product from the beginning to support a free tier option, so business founders can enjoy the ups and downs of building a potential unicorn. Our free option gives you 10,000 pageviews per month, perfect for most websites and an excellent threshold to validate your business idea.

The only way to beat Google Analytics and other big corps

For +15 years, Google Analytics has been the standard tool in web analytics. When asked why people choose GA, most say it’s “free.”

When big corps give you stuff for free, it usually comes with a small print. Marketers, founders, and website owners understand the payoff and search for GA alternatives, but the idea of a free analytics tool is carved into our DNA.

The only way to get people to switch from GA and other evil tools is to build a free, privacy-friendly website tracker without a hidden agenda.

Our technical infrastructure is Europe-based, and we don’t sell your data to anyone. And also, because we are an anonymous tracker, we have no personal data to give to third parties.

A unique data model makes our platform operation very cost-effective. High-quality data enables us to generate insights without heavy AI or ML services, which require a lot of processing power.

A better Internet starts with a free option

The Internet should be free and open, and web analytics should also be free so people can better grasp what works and what doesn’t. This is the only way to fight against dark patterns, clickbait titles, hidden unsubscribe buttons, intrusive banners, cluttered content, and poor design.

Our vision is to build analytics for a better Internet. It begins with a movement and with people who share the vision.

We plan to build a business model based on features and pageview amounts, but we will always have the free option, which will be an excellent option for most businesses.

This is the way.

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