November 20, 2020

A pivot

Today we were supposed to launch, but we're doing a pivot instead. That is: a drastic change on the product and the roadmap.


We have been developing Volument with a handful of early adopters for about a year now. People are generally pleased with the product, and the feedback is positive (especially when asked), but the excitement is far from the level we want. Instead of being “nice” or “interesting” we want people to be amazed.

We think the current analytics landscape is boring and there is room for a product that really makes a difference. Something simple. Something that changes the way we think about data and how our websites are optimized.

However, we realized that the version presented on this website doesn't deliver that promise. Maybe (maybe!) we could have succeeded with it, but we don't want to move forward with a medicore version that doesn't make us proud. Being “just another analytics product” would kill us.

We have built a unique data model and infrastructure, but doesn't have the right kind of packaging yet. If we're going to succeed in this hugely competitive market we must aim higher: fill our users’ wishes and make things that they didn't know are possible.

The new version

Volument will soon look like this:

It's realtime

You can see how the funnel data piles up right in front of you. When you a new marketing campaign, or make changes to your website you can see the impact immediately. This changes how analytics and A/B testing is done.

It's more obvious

The new version makes it clear how conversion optimization actually works. You'll have direct access to the core optimization tasks: A/B testing, website experimentation, content marketing, and affiliate marketing. We work closely with our current users to make this simple.

It's more revealing

Developers and designers can now see clearly where people drop. Marketers can now see in granular detail how their campaigns perform. And these insights are available even with a handful of visitors. In real-time.


Think of making a major design change on your website. With Volument you can immediately see whether the new version bounces less and makes people consume more content. Quick results allow radical experimentation: Use a bolder typo? Ditch the sidebar? Remove all the heavy ad-tracking scripts? Does a faster site make people more engaged?

Realtime capabilities were a recent addition to the backend and are also a reason for the pivot. We saw that it's not just another feature that you can plug in. It's deeper in the core. When the UI is real-time from the start, the code becomes more manageable. And simpler code means fewer bugs, and (typically) makes the product easier to use.

Launch plan

We will maintain the current version until the new one is out. Bugs are fixed, but no new features are added. Signups are also closed at this point.

ETA for the new version is February 2021. That should be doable because the core pieces are done. The backend is battle-tested with massive loads and support for real-time streaming is also complete. The UI shown on this page is a real thing and not a Figma prototype.

And we're sorry for the wait. This was not an easy decision.

— Tero Piirainen / Volument CEO

Make an impact

What would your analytics of dreams look like? We are eager to know your wishes and thoughts. We are ready for some bold moves now. Any feedback is crucial at this stage of the development.

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