A new take on website analytics:

With focus on privacy and conversion optimization, you can ditch cookie banners and start building something people truly want.

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A better way to optimize

Volument understands the bigger picture: both your website and its market. And it's an order of magnitude faster than traditional A/B testing.

A bigger picture

Understand your site and its audience

The analytical views of Volument

Winners and losers

Target audiences, website bottlenecks, and leaky devices

Channels ranked by engagement

Leading- and lagging indicators

Pick the winning version, audience, or device

Compare key metrics side-by-side

Volument is faster: With the power of leading indicators, you get confident results in days, not months.

Learn how Volument works

Website updates

Safely run multiple experiments at once

List of A/B testing experiments

Monetary metrics

Compare your campaigns from top to bottom

Profits and costs of your marketing campaigns

No analytics is like Volument

Volument introduces a new data model, that specializes in measuring how your visitors gradually build interest before taking action. You'll learn what works, and more importantly: why it works.

First-time user experiences

See how visitors build awareness and interest

Viewport consumption on the first visit

Funnel drop-offs

See where people (actually) drop and how they come back

Volument measures actual funnel drop-offs, not user defined

Conversion build-ups

See how people gradually start taking action

Conversions over time starting from the first visit

Live analysis

Watch your channels peak as they go viral

See visitors come and go in real-time
Volument is a new analytics experience. It changed the way we optimize our site.

Jukka Santala

CEO of Creature Ads

Eternal past

Compare all past with the new

It's privacy-friendly

Volument doesn’t collect any personal data so you can ditch all the unnecessary cookie banners.

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… and gentle to your site

Volument is mountain smaller than others. It won’t slow down your site or hurt the user experience.

Cool. So how is this different from __ ?

Google Analytics?

Google Analytics offers 112 different views for understanding your traffic. It helps you see what's happening. Volument tells you what works and what needs to be fixed. It helps you get more conversions.


Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Heap are general-purpose event trackers. They can do anything from product usage statistics to logging, and error reporting. Volument is more rigid and specialized: its data model is designed for conversion optimization only.


Fathom, Simple Analytics, and Plausible offer bare-bones pageview- and session statistics. Like Volument, they all focus on privacy so you don't need the cookie banner outside Europe. Learn more


Optimizely and WVO are visual experimentation suites. They are best with button labels, background colors, and other micro-optimizations. Volument tackles a bigger picture: your entire website, and its market. And you get results in days, not months.


Hotjar, Crazy Egg, and Mouseflow focus on hot areas based on clicks and mouse movement. Volument focuses on first impression, content consumption and other leading indicators.


Volument is a simpler and faster way to optimize your website. It's easy to setup and gives instant value. And you can ditch unnecessary consent banners.

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