Volument Minimalist Blog

On opinionated design, perfection, and the NIH syndrome.

The unbelievable power of simple CRUD

SAAS industry has fooled us to believe their products are amazing and take years to build. Not true at all. It didn't take us long to replace them with a simple CRUD. Better yet: a unified system more powerful. Seriously.

How to make fast website.

Here's a trick to make your website faster. A lot faster. Turn it to a single-page application. From all the performance tweaks out there, this probably makes the biggest impact.

Minimalism — The most undervalued development skill

If you want a cheap trick to make a difference — here's one: minimalism. Focus on the bare essentials and get rid of the rest. It's an easy way to differentiate, because most others are doing the opposite: tons of crap.

Large data study: Navigator.sendBeacon() is broken

sendBeacon is a browser method to transfer data to the backend prior to unloading of a web page. However, after studying over 5 million pageviews we can conclude that the Beacon API is broken and should not be used in production.

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